Care Instructions & Information

This page describes how to best take care of our products to prolong their lifespan, if done right your products can be enjoyed by many generations. 


Kattvik_shape_candle- Make sure there is no stearin inside of the holder of the candle - this could possibly make the candle tilt/lean and drip stearin, less stearin, less maintenance.

- Use preferably candles that do not drip and has a star shaped ✹ end to enhance the candle’s stability.



- Do not use the candle holders without the glass cylinder, the glass cylinder protects the candle from dripping.

  - Place the candle firmly into the candle holder. Make sure the candle is vertical, if the candle tilt/lean the stearin will possibly drip into the bottom of the foot.

- If moving the candleholder while the candle is lit, do it very carefully to prevent the stearin from dripping.


  - The best way to blow out the candle is to remove the glass cylinder with, i.e. a tea towel (caution the glass cylinder can be hot). This avoids smoke from the candle from soothing the glass.
- If there is stearin in the holder of the candle, remove it carefully with i.e., a knife or a pointy object. By making a cross inside of the holder, the stearin will easily detach.


Kattvik_Dishwasher - To clean the foot of the candle holder use a cloth (i.e. microfiber) with warm water to remove any excess of stearin and enhance the shine.

 - The foot of the candle holder should not be washed in the dishwasher.
The glass cylinder can be washed in the dishwasher.